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Today’s crimes are increasingly international. It is crucial that there is coordination among all the different players in maintaining a global security architecture.

About Us

Cyber Sec Agency one of the leading chargeback firms worldwide. Specializing in Cyber Crimes (HYIP Frauds, Binary Options, Crypto, etc), Working in hands with the International Criminal Police Organisations.

We pride ourselves on having one of the highest success rates in the industry. We are also known for our no-nonsense approach to confronting fraud-stars  in the effort to bring justice and also recover what has been stolen from the incidence.


Our Team

Being a hugely successful operator in the scam debt recovery field has led us to have a great many enemies in the criminal world of financial scams. To protect our team, we cannot disclose the names and identities of those who provide invaluable assistance in our effort to get your stolen money and assets back.

Among our team, we have a selection of key personnel who ensure the running of our operation is highly efficient and customer orientated. All our employees at Payback Ltd have a grounding and experience in the world in which we inhabit, this makes them incredibly effective at their jobs.

From Customer Support to Lawyers & Forensic Accountants, anyone you reach within our company is ideally placed to assist you. Starting with the initial process of gathering the evidence, all the way to confronting the scammers and getting your money back, our team will be on your side every step of the way

Securing your devices

Criminals are also using telephone deception to carry out financial frauds – they will call victims pretending to work for a hospital or medical clinic, claiming that a relative of the victim has fallen sick with the virus and request payments for medical treatment.

In many cases, the fraudsters impersonate legitimate companies, using similar names, websites and email addresses in their attempt to trick unsuspecting members of the public, even reaching out proactively via emails and messages on social media platforms.

Justice doesn’t only mean that the people who commit crime are punished. It also means that we can never give up seeking the truth.

- -Henning Mankell

Our Results

We are the largest recovery company worldwide and have been in operation since 2010. Starting as a risk management firm before operating as a scam recovery service since 2017. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for thousands of clients, helping them get back money stolen by scammers. Furthermore,Cyber Sec Agency is one of the few debt recovery services that successfully recover money from cryptocurrency scams.

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Scams we helped our clients recover from

Been Scammed?

Recover Your Lost Funds

If you’ve been caught out by a financial or online scam, then you’re not alone. Millions of dollars are lost every year to scams of all kinds, and often, the victims believe there’s nothing they can do to get their money back. Here at Payback Ltd, we work tirelessly on behalf of our clients to track down their stolen funds and the scammers themselves. To date, we have retrieved tens of thousands of pounds for those who have fallen foul of an online financial scam.

Our team of experts has in-depth experience with many different types of scams and know precisely the process and avenues to follow to reclaim money that’s been lost to them. From CFD cons to Ponzi schemes to social media scams, we have the know-how to successfully pursue the cases we take on to deliver justice for our clients. We are also pleased to provide a range of helpful resources and guides to help you avoid getting entangled in a scam in the future.


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